Osteoarthritis -Fixed This is about my life with Osteoarthritis and How I got it fixed. My name is Archibald Michael but I prefer to be called by my second name Michael or Mike. I am not an expert but I can write about what I experienced and what I know. Everybody knows something, people learn things new from reading and studying and we also have experiences that other people have not and we can certainly share our knowledge and experiences without being an expert. There were things that happened to me before I got osteoarthritis. I remember I had several bouts of something that was like the flu but it was not flu. I was feeling run down and low in both energy and feeling low in spirit. I got a thermometer and took my temperature and it was 104F so I had a fever. I visited my doctor and he said I was sick of something, my blood test came back with high white blood cell count so it was some kind of infection. Then I remember something, last year I had a similar illness with fever and all so similar to this flu like thing. The doctor also said I was more sensitive to things and it was showing in my illness. Then several months later I started having arthritis and it was osteoarthritis (OA). The osteoarthritis would come and go meaning the episodes of arthrits would heal itself but it was not something that ended because it kept coming back for several years. In fact the OA appeared first in my right knee and sometimes it would be the joint and cartilage where the pelvic bone joins with the femur. At other times I had OA setting on the shoulder and limb joints and I also remember it could happen on one of the spinal column area. I looked and joined some Osteoarthritis forums and even got to exchanging info and experiences with a lady with OA that was on both her hands and wrists and several of the fingers and wrist bones would give her pain and suffering but according to her other areas of her body was often free from the arthritis or when it did get to other areas other than the hands/wrist, it would be mild and then go away. It is true we OA patients could take chondroitin & glucosamine pills for the arthritis. I was asking the doctor about any medicines that were more effective and he said most arthritis is well understood and there are no medicines to really cure the condition. In fact as we get older this condition could get worse and not better. This kind of info really scared me. I am the kind of person who when there is a problem, I do not run away. My way is I face the problem head on and use my head, my wits and all I know to fix it. How does one fix something like an illness that keeps appearing and may get worse like OA? But the time did come that I would really get worse and the OA was on my right shoulder but the really bad one was on the pelvic joint and that one I am sure was that the cartilages of the joint had eroded and thinned and I believe there were section areas there where there was no more cartilage and it was bones of the pelvis and femur were exposed rubbing on each other. In fact when I extended my right femur farther sideways, there was pain and felt like rubbing of 2 sandpaper on each other ( bone & bone). This was happening and the chondroitin and other medicines were no help in improving my condition. But my story is about getting my Osteoarthritis fixed and even getting over it entirely. I did everything in my life to fix the OA. Exercise and going jogging or walking and going to the gym became my routine. I stopped smoking, took enough vitamins and minerals and I started taking healthier food, less sweets and even took more veges and fruits and cut down on meats and fats and started to add fish oils and similar stuff. I was also a few pounds overweight so this regimen made me lose weight and fat and I felt better. But none of these new strategies were improving the OA. I remember my aunt Claire saying to solve a big problem, we leave no stone unturned. It is a big problem. So is there anything that I have not tried and should try now? I recall a friend showed me an article regarding some new treatment and it was specifically for Osteoarthritis. I don't know how long ago when I saw and read that article. But I dismissed it since doctors and just about everyone was saying there are no medicines for fixing Osteoarthritis or for that matter any of the Arthritis diseases. And Aunt Claire’s message came back to mind. So I lost this article and went through searching it again with the internet and info there. In short it took a while but I found that article again and the new treatment and it was a product from Lux Health and their stuff called T cell therapy. I did get this remedy and it is natural. This remedy is very simple - 2 bottles of stuff taken for a course of 26 days and that cours e(26 days is repeated) for several courses. Mine is a severe case and so I had to undergo courses over months and months. But the important thing here is Does It work? I am saying yes and it healed and fixed my oxteoarthritis. I was really worried about the pelvic joint & cartilages because a continuous degenerative destruction of that area meant I would have to go for surgery and prosthetic material to replace bone. But that did not happen. The treatment and T Cell Therapy actually changed the OA. And the pelvic OA was the worst kind in me but it was the first part of me that improved and got better. In 3 months my pelvis stopped aching and started to heal and that was when I realized, hey this stuff really works and I have never come across a remedy that did this and it came at the right time because my OA had really gone the wors. So I knew this stuff worked and continued these treatment for several months and got healed in fact total healing. If people are interested in the remedy for OA it is here: http://follownaturesway.net/osteoarthritis.html I told this story to some folks and some of them had OA. When there is something new but it comes from an Alternative medicine source, people become suspicious and when it comes to something too good to be true they become hard to convince. So I started thinking when people - some strangers and somea people who know me become hard to convince, well, anybody who reads my story will also be in that kind of feeling or state. So here are a few things I can tell about this, my therapy. It is natural and those are the herbs. But the T Cell therapy is actually from a discovery called “Oral Tolerance” and it is based on research going through real MDs and scientist research people. The research was successful with animals but not on humans. My understanding of this is it seems to me the reason it did not work on humans is the humans would be sick people while on animals, these are young animals and they are all healthy. Imagine scientists doing research and getting fresh animals so those animals are almost always healthy. But the research goes farther because it also explains that a blood factor is needed to succeed and that blood factor can be induced in people(sick or not) with herbs & herbs are the only safe way to that blood factor. At this point, if one really thinks and realizes about the Drug industries today, do they mix their medicines with herbs? NO Since it is no, then we OA patients should not expect a breakthrough or successful medicine from the research funded by Pharma and/or Drug groups. I suggest for people to view the website above and make their own decision.